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Foshan Chngoo Co.,Ltd, is a professional manufacturer specialized in high-quality silicone sealant in Guangzhou, China. Our main products include construction silicone sealant (door and window, curtain wall, external wall weatherproof, fire resistant sealant, environmental protection home decoration sealant, acrylic sealant, etc.), industrial silicone sealant (high temperature sealant, photovoltaic sealant, new energy vehicle thermal conductivity sealant), electronic sealant, MS polymer sealant, etc.

Another is painting&coating, including interior latex paint, exterior latex paint, waterproof coating, rubber waterproof, floor paint, metallic paint, etc.
32 years experience, customers cover more than 100 countries.
Cover 50,000 square meters, annual production capacity reach 120,000 tons (600containers) per year.
One of the top 10 brands in the national silicone sealant industry.
3 Italian production lines, efficient production, short delivery time, and stable quality.
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The world's most advanced automated production line, a stable upstream and downstream supply chain supporting, product quality for three consecutive years without complaint, monthly sampling inspection more than 5000kgs, to ensure that each product meets the market demand.
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